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A support ticket has been raised by Wayne Enterprises this morning. The ticket indicates that there has been a major outage and all devices on the enterprise LAN have lost communication with their Internet resources. The onsite level 1 support team have attempted a replace of the configuration files on the network devices, but this has not resulted in the restoration of network services. The level 1 engineer has escalated the scenario to your company and you are the assigned engineer on duty. The ticket has informed you that the network switches cannot contact to download and upgrade their IOS files as part of an outstanding upgrade procedure.SW1and SW2 should be able to contact in order to rectify the problem. You will troubleshoot and fix the issue to ensure that SW1 and SW2 can ping using both names and IP addressing for connectivity. The original interesting traffic statement to identify any network starting with 10.1.x.x used ACL number 1. As part of your troubleshooting, you may have to gather information from multiple sources and analyze the information prior to proceeding with any possible plan to solve the problem. Once you have had time to digest all of the problems outlined in the ticket and gather the required information, you should implement the plan to rectify the problem. Once you have observed the network functioning normally again, document the solution and inform the customer.The ticket also raises issues for users in VLAN 10and VLAN 20 being unablereach the Internet servers via HTTPand HTTPS. All users should be allowed to request DNS lookups from the ISP DNS Server Only. PCusersshould only be allowedHTTPS access to, and Twitter.comshould be denied.PC users should only be allowed SSH access for remote connections to any outside services. All users should be allowed access to their hosted GMAIL accounts.

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