Free CCNA Labs: Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols RIPv2: CCNA Exam Prep with Brian Gallagher.

Free CCNA Labs: Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols RIPv2: CCNA Exam Prep with Brian Gallagher.

Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols RIPv2 Lab 1: Can you troubleshoot and fix this network? Use this CCNA Packet Tracer Assessment lab to verify your knowledge. Brian Gallagher has created a fantastic CCNA lab here. Can you get 100% for this lab?

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In this lab scenario, you will take on the role of a Network Support Engineer for a Cisco Partner. One of your clients–Stark Industries has recently had their network redesigned, upgraded and as part of the implementation deployed RIPv2 as the dynamic routing protocol. There have been a small number of changes to the initial network design that was implemented recently, which has resulted in some of the extra unused subnets being utilized and some extra routers now exist in the network topology. However, the customer network is no longer functioning. A support ticket has just been received from Stark saying that there are problems accessing the Branch router networks /64and the Branch Server IPof the Central router. They also report that the Branch users are having problems accessing the Stark Central Server IP of Internet connectivity is also a problem.You are the Network Engineer on duty fielding this support request and it is your role to discover and remedy the issues in order to get the network up and running again smoothly.As part of your troubleshooting you may have to gather information from multiple sources and analyse the information prior to proceeding with any possible plan to solve the problem. Once you have had time to digest all of the problems outlined in the ticket and gather the required information, you should implement the plan to rectify the problem. Once you have observed the network functioning normally again, document the solution and inform the customer.

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