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Tyrell Corporation ’s layer 3 IP addressing scheme has just been designed and deployed on the Core, Distribution and Data Centredevices. The routing protocol has also been implemented for connections to the Data Centre Server. The next task is to implement NTP and Syslog across all Switches. The NTP and Syslog servers are displayed in the Topology diagram but have not been configured. Configure the NTP Master with the current date and time. All Switches in the enterprise network must be configured for NTP and point to the newly implementedNTP Server. All switches must be configured for Syslog to the connect to the new Syslog server and be configured to send Level-7 syslog messages and below (0-7). It is essential that NTP is correctly setup for the Digital Certificates to follow in later labs, as well as have the syslogserver configured to accurately track the system logging message intervals. Syslog is also essential for logging and troubleshooting the network.