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Managing Cisco IOS Devices

One of your Cisco Partner customers – Rich Industries – has experienced a number of serious recent issues in the network. The Senior Network Engineer has been asked to leave the company as a result of the investigations. However, prior to leaving, he has tampered with the password configuration files of the Branch and SW1 devices. You have not been able to access the devices to rectify the problem, but the company users were not affected by this action.

1. You are the Engineer on duty at the time and have been tasked with rectifying the problem by recovering the passwords this evening while users have left for the evening. There will be no IP connectivity while the recovery occurs and all recoveries must be completed via a direct console connection from PC1 for the Branch router recovery and PC2 for the SW1 recovery.

2. The IT Manager has also asked for backups of both Network Routers and both Branch Switches files to be completed. He has insisted that current IOS image files are backed up as well as new current configuration backups being taken in the event of a repetition of the recent problems. This will make it easier to restore the configurations to get the production network up and running faster if it were to happen again. Any current configuration backups should accept the default naming convention. IOS image files should not be renamed.

3. The IT manager has also asked for the Branch and HQ routers to be upgraded to the most current software stored in the TFTP directory as well as the Branch switches being upgraded to the newest software as well, while the change management takes place. You need to ensure that the branch router stores both the new and previous IOS image in flash, but that the Branch and HQ router are configured to boot the new IOS image. There should only be a single image file in Flash on the network Switches once a backup has been taken of the current IOS image in case you need to roll back.

4. SW2 should also have the privilege prompt protected by the same encrypted password as SW1.
Ensure all configurations are saved prior to logging out of the network devices.

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