Free CCNA Labs: IP Subnetting Design Assessment Lab! CCNA Exam Prep with Brian Gallagher.

Can you subnet this network? Do you understand IP subnetting? Use this CCNA Packet Tracer Assessment lab to verify your knowledge. Brian Gallagher has created a fantastic CCNA lab here. Can you get 100% for this lab?

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In this lab scenario, you will take on the role of a Network Architect for a Cisco Partner. A recent client – Wayne Enterprises has asked for a proposal to redesign their network as they are expanding. The previous network only had two populated VLANs. However, that no longer fulfills their needs. As the Network Architect, it will be your role to design the new IP addressing scheme according to the criteria laid out in the design document. An excerpt from the IP Subnetting section is given below in order to design, implement and then verify the new scheme in this Packet Tracer Assessment lab.