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In this lab scenario, you will again take on the role of a Network Engineer for yourCisco Partner. One of your clients –Stark Industries – have been very pleased with your work on the proof of concept Lab forEIGRP. The Proof of Concept Lab is now to be extended and a full working design and implementation of IPv6 is to be achieved. EIGRP for IPv6 will be used as the Interior Gateway Protocol in this scenario.You are the Network Engineer working with the design team to implement and verify the IPv6 and EIGRP for IPv6 solution. As part of your implementation, you will design the IPv6 addressing scheme for the entire internal network using the criteria laid out below:General points to consider in this troubleshooting scenario:
1.Central and Branch routers EIGRP router ID must reflect the same 32-bit address used in the IPv4 lab previously configured.
2.The Interconnecting Routers R1 to R8 should follow their router number for their EIGRPfor IPv6Router-ID. For example Router 1 should have a process ID of 1 and a Router-ID of;Router 2 should have a process ID of 2 and a Router-ID of etc. for routers 3–8.
3.The EIGRP Autonomous System number is the same as used for IPv4 design.