Free CCNA Labs: Implementing GRE Tunnels with EIGRP: Exam Prep with Brian Gallagher

Free CCNA Labs: Implementing GRE Tunnels with EIGRP: Exam Prep with Brian Gallagher

Get your FREE CCNA Lab: Implementing GRE Tunnels with EIGRP: Can you get 100% for this lab?

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In this simulation, you will be implementing a GRE Tunnel for ACME Engineering’s network as well as creating the connections over the serial links between the Branch and HQ office locations. A recent security audit had taken place and recommended some changes for Internet access.

ACME’s IT Manager has asked for all ACLs to remain, but they would like a backup pathway to be configured via a GRE tunnel. Any ACL modifications must be entered after any existing specific permit rules.

Initially, the serial interfaces have been left in the shutdown state and you must configure the serial interfaces with the addressing scheme as displayed in the network topology diagram.

The Serial links should provide the primary pathway to the HQ and DC Networks. The GRE Tunnel provides a backup service in case of an outage across the primary pathways. These links are to be configured in EIGRP with classful statements. All Server, LAN and Loopback interfaces are to be configured with specific interface reference only in EIGRP.

Branch users must have connectivity to all HQ and DC networks and a backup connection provided over the GRE connection. Test your connectivity from PC1 and PC2 over the GRE link is successful as well as over the serial links when the network is fully functional at the end of your implementation. You will need to disable the serial links to test that the GRE Tunnel failover works correctly and then re-enable the serial interfaces.

You will be able to Check Results for your score and use this as possible hints and tips as to what to check to get the 100% score. The Packet Tracer assessment file will grade you and point you to check certain conditions have been met to score this lab on.
As this is an assessment lab, a copy of the completed .pkt file has been provided for configuration comparison.
Good luck everyone – Go get that 100%!

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