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Tyrell Corporation’s NTP and Syslog implementation is complete across all Switches. The next task is to implement basic security practices including SSH and Limiting remote access security. All Access Layer Switches in the enterprise network must be configured for the following:
1.SSH to be configured on ASW1-4 with the following parameters.
a.SSH login credentials: Username: student, password: Cisco123!
b. Domain Tyrell.comc.Key modulus of 2048 bits.
d.Only SSH version 2 should be allowed.
e.All available remote access sessions should be limited to SSH
2.Access Security to be configured with the following parameters.
a.ASW1and ASW3 SSH sessions should only be accessible by ONLY VLAN11 and VLAN13client devices.
b.ASW2 and ASW4 SSH sessions should only be accessible by ONLY VLAN12 and VLAN14 client devices. c.SSH should be secured with a named ACL SSH_ACCESS that tracks source IP address.
d.SSH sessions should auto-logout after 5 minutes of inactivity.
e. Remote access sessions must not be interrupted by erroneous logging messages. In addition, the clear text password for ‘student’ must not be viewable in the unencrypted format. You will be able to Check Results for your score. The Packet Tracer assessment file will grade you and point you to check certain conditions have been met to score this lab on. As this is an assessment lab, a copy of the completed .pkt file has been provided for configuration comparison. Good luck! For more Labs go to