FREE CCNA Lab: Sirius Cybernetics Project Part 3: Basic Security – FreeLabFriday

FREE CCNA Lab: Sirius Cybernetics Project Part 3: Basic Security – FreeLabFriday

Get your FREE CCNA Lab: Sirius Cybernetics Project – Part 3 –Basic Security: Can you get 100% for this ccna lab?

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Your company has been contracted to improve the initial security of Sirius Cybernetics Corporation network infrastructure. If all goes well, this could lead to more security work for your company.

You are the network engineer for the job and you have a series of tasks to fulfill on SW1, SW2 and the Branch router.

1. You have been asked to provide password protection for all devices so that users do not get access to the user prompt without inputting a password. The password to be used is Ci$c0123!
2. All connected sessions should also have their inactivity timer adjusted so that after 45 minutes of inactivity the sessions will expire.
3. No connected sessions should be interrupted by miscellaneous messages.
4. All remote access sessions should be forced to enter a username and password combination. You have been asked to set two initial combinations for a user called admin with a password of Adm1n123! and a user called operator with a password of Op3raT0r123!
5. All remote access sessions will be limited to secure protocols only across the first 5 available lines. Sirius have asked if you can ensure all insecure protocol access is disabled on the Sirius domain. They have asked for strong protection up until 2030 as per NIST and RSA recommendations.
6. Unencrypted passwords are not allowed within the Sirius Cybernetics network.
7. The privilege exec mode is to be protected by an encrypted password of $3cr3T123! Both PC1 and PC2 are allowed to remotely access the switches in the network, but only PC1 is allowed to access the Branch router. Sirius have asked that no interface packet filters be applied to achieve this, as packet filtering will be discussed in the next security recommendations project. Methods should use number 99 for the IOS traffic identifier. All other access attempts should be logged.
8. A login banner has been asked for on the Branch Router to read ‘This is a secure system. If you are not an authorised user please disconnect immediately. Violations will be prosecuted’
9. An appropriate banner on the LAN switches should display the same message as the Branch router.
10. All configurations should be saved prior to handover to the customer. Ensure all configurations are saved prior to logging out of the network devices. You will be able to Check Results for your score and use this as possible hints and tips as to what to check to get the 100% score.

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