FREE CCNA Lab: Sirius Cybernetics Project Part 2: Initial Router setup

FREE CCNA Lab: Sirius Cybernetics Project Part 2: Initial Router setup

Get your FREE CCNA Lab: Sirius Cybernetics Project – Part 2 -Initial Router setup: Can you get 100% for this lab?

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Initial Router Setup and Configuration

As part of the Sirius Cybernetics LAN project that you have been working on, you have now been invited to site to continue the work implementing the Sirius LAN Router setup. The
Senior Network engineer, Rachel, has been impressed by your initial switch configurations and detailed verification steps; she has asked you to continue the job for Sirius Cybernetics.
Rachel has noticed that the Branch router configuration had some previous configurations on it and has erased the router, ready for you to setup Sirius’s new Router and test connectivity with their internal devices at the same time. The external connections to the ISP and HQ routers will be configured later.

The contract requires you to configure and test the following:

1. Establish connectivity between PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4, SW1 and SW2 and the Branch
router. The Branch router will act as the gateway for all LAN devices and connectivity should
be tested from the router to all devices to ensure full connectivity exists.

2. An Out-of-Band Management station has been provided to access the Router on site. All
configuration must be completed on the Branch router via a direct Console connection.
• You need to connect the OOB PC to the Branch router Console port
• Ensure that the terminal settings on the OOB PC match those of the Branch router

3. Configure the Branch router with the hostnames of Branch

4. Configure the Routers LAN interface with the IP address and enable the

5. Configure the Routers interface speed and duplex settings to match SW1

6. Configure the router to disable symbolic name resolution

7. Configure the router to have a permanent history of 50 lines

8. Configure a description on the interface to the LAN Switch of ‘Link to LAN SW1’

9. Configure the router with an inactivity timer of 30 minutes on the console and disable any
unsolicited messages and debugs from interrupting a console session.

10. Configure the interfaces facing the ISP router with a description of ‘ G0/0 Link to ISP
Router’, enabling the interface, but disabling CDP message across this interface.

11. Configure the interface facing the HQ router with ‘G0/0/0 Link to HQ Router’, enabling
the interface and ensuring the CDP messages are enabled on this interface.

12. Save the configuration on the Branch Router

You will be able to Check Results for your score and use this as possible hints and tips as
to what to check to get the 100% score. The Packet Tracer assessment file will grade you
and point you to check certain conditions have been met to score this lab on. There are
connectivity tests built into this lab to test connectivity from the client PCs to each of the
Branch router default gateway, SW1 and SW2 management IP addresses. These
connectivity tests will score you extra points and are essential in achieving the 100% score
in this assessment.