Free API Hacking course!

I interview Corey Ball who wrote the book \”Hacking APIs\” and he tells us about his book and the free training he is making available. This is a cool announcement 🙂

// MENU //
00:00 – Why talk about pentesting at all?
00:21 – Welcome//Corey
00:48 – What is an API and Why Care?
01:52 – Free API Hacking Course!
02:11 – Overview//Course
02:28 – Do I Need the Book to do the Course?
02:39 – Pre-reqs for Course
03:07 – Cert//When?
03:22 – Hacking APIs//Origin Story
05:34 – The Start//USPS Data Leak
07:31 – OWASP Top 10 Explained
07:49 – API1//Broken Object Level Authorization
08:46 – Testing for BOLA
09:59 – API2//Broken User Authentication
10:35 – Leaked API Keys on GitHub?
10:59 – API3//Excessive Data Exposure
12:05 – API9//Improper Asset Management
13:53 – The World is Running on APIs
14:53 – Who is this Book For?
16:19 – Set Up Hacking Lab
17:47 – You Just Need a Laptop to Start Hacking!
17:52 – Free API Hacking Tools
20:14 – What is Kiterunner
20:47 – Gobuster vs Kiterunner
21:51 – Free Wordlists!
22:05 – What is fuzzing and free fuzzing tool
23:17 – More Tools?
23:47 – How To Find APIs
25:02 – Using nmap to find APIs?
26:09 – Hacking APIs as your start in hacking
28:09 – Difference//REST//GraphQL
29:07 – Learn REST or GraphQL?
31:07 – Take a University Course?
31:44 – Hacking Certifications//Worth It?
33:42 – Being Hacked//How Corey Started
36:31 – Corey\’s OSCP Experience
38:09 – Hacking APIs As An Alternative Path
38:41 – Resources to Start With
39:26 – Ten Years of Experience?
39:52 – Huge Demand for Hacking APIs
40:25 – The Course is Completely Free
40:47- Breaking Barriers!
41:37 – Thank You & Final Words

// Free API hacking course //
APIsec Certified Expert Course:

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Bug Bounty Bootcamp Vickie Li:

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Disclaimer: This video is for educational purposes only. I own all equipment used for this demonstration. No actual attack took place on any websites.

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