Firewalls just changed forever! (Can your firewall do this?)

Firewalls as we know them just changed with major announcements from Cisco.

A very big thank you to Cisco for sponsoring this video.

Cisco have announced both an AI Assistant and EVE (Encrypted Visibility Engine) to scan encrypted traffic.

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AI Assistant for Firewall Policy: The Cisco AI Assistant for Security is first going live within the Cisco
Cloud-delivered Firewall Management Center and Cisco Defense Orchestrator to solve the big challenge of setting and
maintaining complex policies and firewall rules. Administrators can now use natural language to discover policies and
get rule recommendations, eliminating duplicate rules, misconfigured policies, and complex workflows with increased
visibility as well as accelerated troubleshooting and configuration tasks.

AI-powered Encrypted Visibility Engine for All Firewall Models: Most datacenter traffic today is encrypted-and the
inability to inspect encrypted traffic is a key security concern. Decrypting traffic for inspection is
resource-intensive and fraught with operational, privacy, and compliance issues. With the 7.4.1 Operating System now
available across the entire Cisco Secure Firewall family, customers see AI go even further via the Encrypted Visibility
Engine. The Encrypted Visibility Engine leverages billions of samples, including sandboxed malware samples, to determine
if the encrypted traffic is transporting malware. It can tell which operating system the traffic is coming from and what
client application is generating that – all without the need for decryption.

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00:00 – Firewalls of the future
01:22 – DJ’s Introduction
03:41 – Acquired by Cisco
04:14 – Hype Behind AI
05:49 – Big New Firewall Announcement
10:40 – The What, How and Why of This New Software
14:30 – Can This Be Trusted?
15:15 – Hallucinations
17:13 – New AI Demo
20:15 – Old vs New Way of Interacting with Tech
21:24 – Launch Info
22:18 – The Benefits of an Conversational Interface
25:11 – Training Data
29:00 – Retrieval-Augmented Generations
29:44 – AI-Powered Encrypted Invisibility Engine
33:39 – How Does This Affect Job Security and Opportunity
36:28 – Guidelines for Entering the AI Space
40:58 – Where Will the World be in 5 Years
42:00 – Conclusion and Outro

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