Ex-NSA hacker tells us how to get into hacking! (2022 Edition)

Ex-NSA hacker tells us how to get into hacking! (2022 Edition)

This is the path to becoming a hacker. Follow the advice and change your life!

// MENU //
0:00 Introduction – it’s been a year!
2:12 We have a mission to help you
3:55 In 2022, what should I do? Neal’s 3 things.
10:00 Is eJPT free?
12:00 Do I need to do something else first? Neal’s opinion about various courses
18:10 Neal gets on his high horse about Metasploit.
19:05 Hackersploit has joined INE
21:18 What about Capture The Flag? Bug Bounty
22:30 How to get real world experience without having experience
26:20 Should I give up my job to get into cybersecurity?
28:35 Red vs Blue and jobs?
31:40 Hack your job: Garbage jobs
33:30 Which job should I start with to break into cyber
36:00 LinkedIn networking – make your self invisible
39:00 Meaningful connections
44:40 Would you recommend creating content
48:10 Best advice

// Previous video //
2021 video: https://youtu.be/SFbV7sTSAlA

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