Docker Websites on Windows 10? Nice! (WSL 2)

Docker Websites on Windows 10? Nice! (WSL 2)

Want to learn how to leverage Docker containers on WSL 2 running on Windows 10? In this video I show you how to get multiple Docker containers running on WSL 2 and interact with them. It’s amazing how easy it is to get multiple websites up and running on Docker using WSL 2 on Windows 10.

WSL2 is part of Windows 10, version 2004 which was released in May 2020. Rather than using a translation or compatibility layer between Linux and Windows which was used in WSL 1, WSL 2 uses virtual machine technology to allow you to run a real Linux kernel directly on Windows 10. This also allows you to run Docker within Ubuntu running on Windows 10.

Overview: 0:00
WSL: 1:04
Docker: 1:27
Start Docker website: 2:35
Docker Getting Started container: 4:05
NGINX website: 5:31
Tetris on Docker: 6:45
Stop Docker Containers: 7:57
Docker Hub: 8:53
Ubuntu within Ubuntu: 9:12
Start a Docker container: 10:30

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Ubuntu 20.04
WSL 1 Ubuntu 18.04
windows subsystem for linux

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