DHCP Explained – Step by Step Server Configuration

What is DHCP? How does it actually work? This video shows you practical examples of DHCP in real time and includes Wireshark captures showing you actual DHCP messages.

Introduction and basic terms: 00:014
iPhone DHCP Client explanation: 03:46
Lab and DHCP server configuration: 07:54
Cool Wireshark Flow Graph: 15:15
Wireshark deep dive: 17:23
Cisco router output: 22:25
Linux client and Wireshark coolness: 23:07

This video also discusses the difference between static and dynamic IP addresses.

DHCP messages:
DHCPDiscover – Sent by client. Discover / find DHCP servers on the network.
DHCPOffer – Sent by server. Offering an IP address and other parameters for the client to use.
DHCPRequest – Sent by client. The client requests the address that was offered by the server.
DHCPACK – Sent by Server to acknowledge client. Contains information like IP address, lease time, default-gateway and other information.

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  • David Bombal