Cisco CCNA Packet Tracer Ultimate labs: CCNA Exam prep labs: Pass your CCNA exam!

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I want to welcome you to this Packet Tracer course. This course is not like other CCNA courses. This course is practical, it’s hands-on and it allows you to practically verify your knowledge of CCNA topics.

Before we get started, let me ask you a question: Are you ready to take and pass your CCNA exam? Are you sure that you are prepared for the exam?

Well, this course can give you both the confidence and the knowledge to pass the CCNA exam. In my experience I found that a lot of CCNA courses are very theoretical. They teach you theory but they miss the practical component of hands-on labs. The best way that you can learn Cisco CCNA technologies is to simply do it. Configure devices, troubleshoot devices and spend time configuring networks……..

Practical hands-on labs are simply the best way to learn networking and specifically Cisco technologies in preparation for the CCNA exam.

This course will as quickly as possible get you configuring Cisco networks. There are many network topologies in this course that allow you to verify your knowledge of networking technologies such as BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, Spanning Tree, VLANs, HSRP and many other technologies that you need to know for the CCNA exam.

When you were a child, you didn’t learn to ride a bicycle by reading a book. You learned to ride a bicycle by riding a bicycle, you may have fallen off a few times but through practice, you become proficient at riding a bicycle. In the same way in this course, you’re presented with multiple practical labs that you need to complete.

This is hands-on training you’ll be presented with a lab scenario which you can either complete yourself or you can watch me complete the lab and learn various tips and tricks along the way.

I’m not simply going to complete the lab, I’m going to explain things as I completed. This is a comprehensive course that ensures that you are ready to take the CCNA exam, make sure that you are prepared for the lab portion of the CCNA exam by taking this course.

I’’m David Bombal and I’ve been training Cisco courses for over 15 years. I passed my Cisco CCIE certification exam in 2003.

The future is here, are you going to grab it and get a certified as a Cisco Certified Network Associate? You can change your future just like I did when I got my CCNA certification , the CCNA is your first step into the world of networking and a bright future working with Cisco devices and networking technologies.

The world runs on networks. Without networks and network engineers to configure, manage and optimize networks, we wouldn’t have Google, we wouldn’t have Facebook, we wouldn’t have internet banking, we wouldn’t have smartphones or any of the other devices and technologies that we take for granted in a modern connected world. We are connected by networks and people like you and I need to manage, troubleshoots and optimize networks to ensure that the world can connect and communicate.

So what are you going to do about it? Are you ready to take the next step? I’m ready, what about you? Are you ready to take the next step in ensuring that you are prepared for the CCNA exam? Click on the Buy button and join me in the next video where we start practically configuring and troubleshooting Cisco networks.

  • David Bombal