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This is a BGP Lab.

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So Router 4 sh ip protocols no protocols are running at the moment.
router bgp 65004 neighbour remote-as 65003 and I put through the wrong IP address there should be Now what’s the problem whatever I forgot to do, I forgot to configure router 3, with Router 4 details.

So I need to do the site as well, otherwise the neighbour relationship won’t come up.
So remote-as 65004
Notice the neighbour relationship has come up. It’s really important to have your documentation right.

Under this side, notice that neighbour relationship has come up as well.
So let’s advertise the loopback address. Notice I should specify the mask and I can also advertise with the mask, you don’t have to advertise on both sides but you can do that.

So show ip bgp we are seeing routes in the routing table, there’s 8, there’s 15 and then there’s 17.

Again you don’t have to advertise on both sides but you can do that in case one of the routers goes down or an interface goes down in your network. If multiple routers advertise you have redundancy. So notice this network and I’ll expand the console window.

This network originated into this autonomous system then it went through this autonomous system then through this autonomous system and then the local autonomous system received the route. The route is valid next hop is this router, so we should be able to ping the loopback of Router 1 which we can. We should able to trace the loopback of Router 1 which we can. Traffic went to Router 3, Router 2 and then Router 1.

In the same way sh ip bgp on Router 1 shows us the loopback of Router 4. The network originated in this autonomous system, went through this autonomous system and then this autonomous system and was then received by the local autonomous system.

The route was advertised by Router 2, so can Router1 ping the loopback of Router 4? Yes it can. Can we trace the loopback of Router 4? Yes we can.

So we’ve successfully configured this network with BGP. How did you do? Were you able to configure the network and get it working, make sure that you can before you go for your CCNA exam.

The next video is a troubleshooting video. Make sure that you can troubleshoot BGP before taking your exam.

  • David Bombal