Bryan Byrne (@bryan25607) shares his thoughts about Cisco certifications, is automation worth learning, what is SD-WAN and a lot more! Use the menu to jump to specific topics.

Bryan Byrne Intro: 00:17
Sales? 00:34
Network Automation is hype: 2:23
Brian has been doing network automation a long time: 4:42
I am going to lose my job? Should I just become a programmer? 5:39
Are there two paths for people? 7:40
Are there different roles? CCNP? CCIE? 9:06
Is there still a role for a pure network engineer? 11:42
Certifications? Are certs still valuable? 13:09
What is your advice for someone starting out? 16:50
What is SD-WAN? 20:40
Is SD-WAN DMVPN? 23:28
Bryan’s details: 26:05
SD-WAN at DevNet: demo 26:50

Brian’s details:

#SDWAN #Python #2019Study

Note: Travel and conference access courtesy of Cisco.

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