CCNA multicast quiz question: How will multicast traffic flow in the network? CCNA | CCNP

Can you answer this CCNA quiz question? What will happen to the multicast frames in this network? This is one of my daily quiz question scenarios. In this video, I give you the answer and explain the solution.

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Question overview: 0:09
GNS3 Topology overview 1:46
Why routers as PCs: 2:20
Disable IGMP on switch: 2:49
Demo of multicast subscription: 3:36
Answer to question using Wireshark: 6:57
Who will reply to Multicast (igmp join): 10:58
IGMP snooping: 14:52
Cisco Multicast troubleshooting: 16:47:

Cisco document: Multicast Does Not Work in the Same VLAN in Catalyst Switches

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