CCNA Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP) Quiz: Can you answer the ccna quiz questions?

Can you answer these CCNA Quiz Questions? How does Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP) work? Are you sure you know the answers? See the answers practically with my demonstration of 802.1Q and ISL trunking in GNS3. I also show you the messages the switches send using Wireshark captures. Are you ready to pass your ccna exam?

Quiz Question 1: 00:58
Quiz Question 2: 06:30
Quiz Question 3: 12:39
Quiz Question 4: 17:07
Quiz Question 5: 19:52
Summary and troubleshooting: 21:08

Help with terms for “show dtp status” command:
TOS = Trunk Operational Status
TAS = Trunk Administrative Status
TNS = Trunk Negotiation Status
TOT = Trunk Operational Type
TAT = Trunk Administrative Type
TNT = Trunk Negotiation Type

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  • David Bombal