Bertie says: “If you are stuck in a rut, hit the books, put in the hours and you will receive the rewards!” and “You cannot go and work for someone 8 hours a day and then go home and not work on your own dreams!”

Social media is very powerful. Use it to boost your career and promote yourself! Getting a CCNA changed Bertie’s life. You can do the same!

Berties’ details:

Social media is really important: 00:27
How to promote yourself: 1:15
Social media sets up contacts: 2:14
Use social media to enhance your career: 2:55
Bertie’s contact details: 3:47
Bertie’s story: 4:22
CCNA can change your life: 5:40
Bertie moved internationally: 6:25
Cisco certs can change your life: 7:01
You have to put the hours in: 7:55
You have to work on your own dreams! 8:48
Real world motivation 9:05
Network Automation: 9:30
What’s your advice for someone who is young? 10:58
Use LinkedIn to get a job: 12:45
Use Twitter to promote yourself: 14:20
It has worked for Bertie: real-world advice: 16:09
Be nice on social media: 17:09

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Note: Travel and conference access courtesy of Cisco.

  • David Bombal