Burp suite

Burp suite

Learn the basics of burpsuite. Start using Burp with web applications.

What is Burp Suite is designed to do: 0:00
Introduction: 0:35
Versions of Burp Suite: 1:12
How does Burp Suite fit into Kali Tools: 2:04
Lab Demo: 4:39
What are we doing? 5:20
Start BurpSuite: 5:45
GUI: Lots of stuff! 8:28
Where to start: 9:00
Foxy Proxy: 10:44
Filter scope of information: 14:05
Burp Suite HTTPS / Certificate install: 15:07
Clear history: S19:00
What is Burp not designed to do: 19:57
Recommend courses: 22:02
Request and Response information: 23:24
View login information: 29:50
Repeater: 32:01
Manipulate website with repeater: 35:01
SQL Injection using intruder: 41:55
Sniper 46:30
What is fuzzing: 49:34
SQL fuzz: 50:23
SQL Injection result: 55:24
Decoder: 59:07
BApp Store (Extender): 1:01:20

Download software and VMs:
VM used: https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/bwapp-bee-box-v16,53/
Kali Linux: https://www.kali.org/downloads/

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