Boson NetSim and CCNA Course Giveaway!

Boson NetSim and CCNA Course Giveaway!

What do you think about these new products?
Want to win live CCNA training and the Boson NetSim software? Now’s your chance! You can also win access to lots of other courses ūüėÄ Sorry if the video was a bit long… I had to make this quickly.

Boson Bombal CCNA Giveaway:
Three winners:

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Boson NetSim Giveaway:
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Free Hak5 Ethical Hacking:
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52 Weeks of Python:
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Welcome to the giveaway: 0:00
Boson Bombal 8 weeks to CCNA: 2:13
David Bombal CCNA NetSim: 4:57
Online NetSim product: 5:15
David Bombal NetSim lab guides: 5:48
Online ExSim: 6:10
Detailed lab guides: 6:30
You can win the Boson NetSim: 8:02
Three people will win the CCNA 8 week course: 8:31
What do you think? 9:58
How can I help you? 10:10
Use the right path: 10:54

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