Best Hacking Python Book?

The difference between script kiddies and professionals is the difference between merely using other people\’s tools and writing your own. Charle Miller, from the foreword (1st edition).

This is a great book if you want to learn Python for hacking and penetration testing. Sometimes the tools you want to use are not available on target systems and the only option is to use Python – so learn the tools and techniques you can use with Python in a pentest or ethical hacking situations.

// MENU //
00:00 – Coming up
00:26 – Intro
00:32 – Black Hat Python has been updated!
02:52 – How Black Hat Python started
07:00 – Why Python?
08:26 – Justin Seitz\’s background
10:33 – \”Make it work.\”
11:56 – Tim Arnold\’s background
15:21 – Simple to read for everyone
19:55 – Editor vs Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
21:06 – Learn to debug!
22:29 – Modules updated to Python 3
24:28 – The Networking chapter
27:09 – Favourite chapters
28:17 – Inspirations for the chapters
31:40 – You always learn
33:13 – Choosing Developer or Hacker
36:12 – Endless accessibility to learning material
37:08 – Is it necessary to know programming?
41:23 – Ruby knowledge for Metasploit
42:27 – Will Golang replace Python?
45:27 – Recommended coding languages
46:40 – The story of Hunchly
54:15 – From Pentester to OSINT
56:44 – Justin Seitz\’s stories
59:18 – How Hunchly works
01:00:52 – Will A.I. replace humans?
01:02:16 – Dark Web Mailing List
01:05:38 – Tim Arnold\’s story
01:09:02 – Advice for beginners
01:17:53 – Conclusion

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