Any future for Network Engineers?

Any future for Network Engineers?

Is there any future for a network engineer? Or should you just concentrate on the cloud or devops or something else?

Is there are future in networking? 0:00​
Ivan Peppelnjak CCIE 1345 Emeritus: 1:04​
Should I study networking or rather something else? 1:44​
You are designing Power Transmission: 3:11​
What is an expert? And engineer? 4:10​
Ivan’s snark: 5:35​
Levels of expertise: 5:53​
I’m starting out – will I be successful? 6:58​
Are certs and degrees valuable? 8:36​
Young people are struggling? 11:34​
How do I get experience? 11:52​
It brought you to this table, now what? 13:15​
You’re got to do something: 14:24​
What about social media? 14:44​
You have to build your brand: 16:02​
What brand are you going to build? 16:38​
Perfect is the enemy: 17:45​
What brand? 18:50​
What about LinkedIn? 19:04
​ Why not get experience? 20:33​
Social media reach: 22:15​
Own the content: 23:25​
Ivan’s rant: 24:25​
What about Cisco DevNet certs? 26:18​
Will network engineers be replaced: 28:18​
Does this make sense? 29:30​
What about the past? 30:30​
What should I learn? 32:30​

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