2019 CCNA future? Ivan Pepelnjak: The straight talking genius tells us what’s important! CCNA | SDN

Want to learn from the best? Learn from Ivan Pepelnjak! The “grumpy old network engineer” tells us about OpenFlow, SDN, Network Automation, Certifications and a lot more in this interview. Is it worth my time learning OpenFlow? Is network automation and SDN hype? Are certifications still worth it?

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Website: http://bit.ly/2Hci4oL
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ioshints
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ivanpepelnjak/

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Introduction: 00:10
Ivan’s books and the old days: 01:23
ipSpace overview – why?: 2:33
One story from the early days: 04:00
How ipSpace can help you: Real world and multivendor: 04:45
80% of what they tell us is @£$@£$%: 6:05
Distributed Data centers across bridged networks and SDN and OpenFlow: 6:48
What would you do if you started today? Are certs important today? 07:50
Where did the Cisco CLI come from? 10:00
Study Cumulus Linux and other vendors while doing your CCNA: 11:15
How to increase the value of your knowledge: 11:44
Networking hasn’t changed in the last 40 years and whatever you learn about networking will still be valid 20 years from now: 13:15
Certifications are still valid. Networking will become like power transmission networks: 15:00
There will be fewer jobs for network engineers in future: 19:35
Low end jobs will disappear. Make sure you learn network automation: 22:00
ipSpace automation courses and SDN: 25:30
Why should I learn and implement network automation? 30:26
When should I start learning automation? 33:25
CCNA before automation or at the same time? 35:30
Are you scared of spiders? Ansible or Python? 36:25
Nornir / Netmiko / NAPALM: 37:20
Should I learn SDN / OpenFlow in 2019? 42:28

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  • David Bombal